Accredited iBSL course

Starting September 2021


9:30am to 1:30pm

9:30 to 3:30pm

Qualification aims

This qualification aims to further the learning needs of those who have already acquired competence at Level 4 in British Sign Language (BSL) with Deaf people at an extended level. Learners successfully acquiring Level 6 BSL Studies must be able to demonstrate competence at this level of the UK Occupational Language Standards (CILT, 2010). This means that the Learner will be able to understand and use complex BSL in a range of work and social situations.


This qualification has been developed in accordance with the National Language Standards at Level 6 (2010). It is equivalent to those for Modern Foreign Languages at Honours Degree level. Qualification Structure


The qualification is divided into three units as follows:

IBSL6AUN: Understand complex BSL in a wide range of work situations Unit Number: D/505/2884

IBSL6ASN : Use complex BSL in a wide range of work situations Unit Number: H/505/2885

IBSL6ALN : BSL Linguistics Theory & Practice Unit Number: K/505/2886


All three units can be achieved separately, but the full Level 6 Certificate in British Sign Language Studies can only be given if there is a PASS in each unit.

Qualification Objectives At the end of the qualification, Learners can:

  • Take an active role in complex situations using BSL;

  • Maintain fluent and accurate BSL over extended periods within their area of expertise;

  • Understand and use a complex range of vocabulary and technical language;

  • Follow and formulate presentations, proposals, and arguments in the support of theories and/or ideas;

  • Understand and use with accuracy most colloquial and idiosyncratic BSL;

  • Relay information informally to and from BSL;

  • Demonstrate an understanding of BSL Linguistics theory and practice

Entry Requirements

It is recommended that entrants should have achieved the Level 4 Certificate in BSL Studies before embarking on the Level 6 Certificate programme.


Progression Routes

Upon completion of this qualification, Learners may progress to the following qualification:

IBSL Level 6 Diploma in Sign Language Interpreting Studies qualification.



Thursdays starting September 2021

9:30 to 13:30

Saturday starting September 2021

9:30 to 15:30



Maidstone Community Support Centre, Maidstone Kent - TBC


instalment option available (additional £35 admin charge)

You will be required to take a 1:1 interview via Skype / Facetime video call to ensure you are at the required BSL standard. This will cost £40 (discount from the course fee if you meet the criteria required).