Andrew has worked as a Social Work Assistant for over 8 years. He has considerable experience working in supervised contact sessions. Andrew is Deaf and therefore has a personal and in-depth knowledge of the specific issues that face deaf people and their families. He is able to work with a variety of hearing / deaf parents, and their hearing / deaf children. He can work with any deaf family member.

When working with hearing parents who have a deaf child, Andrew will be observing the child/ parents’ interaction and looking at things from the child’s perspective. He will focus on appropriate play and communication, especially where communication is causing behavioural issues. Andrew’s specialism is deafness and therefore he will be looking at specific deaf issues. He will support the child’s deaf identity and he is able to provide a professional deaf role model.

When working with deaf parents who have hearing children, Andrew is able to directly observe contact, without the need for additional communication support; this gives an additional benefit as small details and cultural differences may be captured more easily.

Family dynamics and parenting skills are key when observing family interactions and strengths can be encouraged and supported whilst still intervening as necessary if areas for improvement have been noted.

Andrew is equally able to work with deaf parents of deaf children.

As well as offering supervised contact, where necessary, he can offer interventions to support the family with any of the areas mentioned above.

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