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As there are 1 in 7 people in the UK who are Deaf or hard of hearing, the chances of you or your employees meeting Deaf or hard of hearing people; either as customers, clients or colleagues, may be higher than you initially thought. 


Our Deaf Awareness courses are an introduction to facts about Deafness and different communication methods deaf people use.  It also contains basic awareness of how to communicate with a Deaf person and how to repair a communication breakdown. 


This could offer you, or your staff, increased confidence in having effective communication with Deaf or hard of hearing people. It will also allow for the ability to identify possible situations where Deaf and hard of people come across barriers, and to consider solutions.  


In addition to this, you and your staff will be contributing to improved accessibility for deaf people and your organisation will be given the opportunity to comply with Equal Opportunities.


Our courses can be tailor made to meet your organisational needs.  This is achieved by adapting our ready-made course or by creating specific training after speaking to one of our trainers.  All of our trainers are qualified and are Deaf or hard of hearing themselves; giving you a personal insight to deafness. 

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