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Level 2 Certificate in British Sign Language 

Accredited course - 


Passed your Level 1?  Congratulations! 

Perhaps you want to return to learning British Sign Language? Come and join us!

Our qualified, experienced and deaf teachers work in various locations

across Kent delivering BSL Level 2.

Introduction to BSL Level 2

This qualification is designed to enable you to develop your skills to communicate with Deaf people using British Sign Language (BSL) in a range of everyday situations. You will work towards participating in longer and more varied conversations than at Level 1.


The course will develop communication in BSL about real life, routine, and daily experiences. You will aim to deal with most routine communication and have enough understanding of grammar to cope with some non-routine communication. You will learn a number of regional variations in sign language.

Level 2 Themes

The Level 2 qualification has four different themes. These are 


Theme 1 - Everyday conversation 

Theme 2 - Eating and Drinking

Theme 3 - Shopping and Spending

Theme 4 - Travel and holidays


The qualification is also divided into three units, each of which can be achieved separately. To achieve the full Level 2 Certificate in British Sign Language, you are required to achieve all units. 



BSL Receptive Skills 

Practical assessment of skills

QAN Unit Number - J/600/0210



BSL Productive Skills

Presentation in BSL

QAN Unit Number - D/600/0214



BSL Conversational Skills

Conversation in BSL

QAN Unit Number - A/600/0219

Our Courses

BSL Level 2 - Zoom

Zoom Class - 32 weeks


18.30 - 21.00 

Starting 25th September 2024 

£750 including assessments and VAT

Payment plan available - 5% administration charge applies.

BSL Level 2 - Zoom 

(Back to Back)

Zoom Class - 20 weeks 


9.30 - 13.30

Starting 29th January 2025


£750 including assessments and VAT

Payment plan available - 5% administration charge applies.

Face to Face courses

Details coming soon!

Need in house training?

We can provide this too!

Finished Level 2? 

Check out our 1:1 skills sessions!

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