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There is a wide range of family communication courses offered for people with deaf family members, especially children.  These courses are not accredited but are tailor made to suit your family needs.

Families have the option to complete an accredited course if they wish.

These bespoke courses are for families who wish to learn family based vocabulary at their own pace.  Lessons can be taught in your own home, with your immediate or extended family.  Children can also participate in the lessons or the lessons can be for adults only at a time that suits you.  

Examples of previous courses delivered are as follows;

  • Specific family friendly vocabulary for parents/carers in short sessions (as determined by the family).

  • Parents/carers unable to attend a course elsewhere due to child care or work issues.

  • Level 1 Award in British Sign Language with family friendly vocabulary, taught at home.

  • Family members have completed some Sign Language studies but would like ‘top up’s’ as their child grows and develops, (as determined by the family).

  • Member of the family is deafened and would like to learn BSL together. 

To arrange lessons suited to you and your family;

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