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At B.S.L Training we are passionate about making any sport accessible. Our training sessions are bespoke and can be tailored to meet your sporting needs. We recently delivered a training session for a local football team teaching them football signs and Deaf Awareness. This was to enable the deaf members of the team to fully access their training sessions for the rest of the season (and beyond), making the team fully inclusive. Since B.S.L Training delivered the session, the coaches have noticed the positive impact it has had on all members of team.


B.S.L Training believe it is important to maintain and practice the signs learnt during the training session. Students who attend the training sessions will be given access to a video glossary on our website containing all the sports signs taught.

Do you have Deaf children/young adults in your team? Would your team benefit from B.S.L Training’s support to make it inclusive to its Deaf members?

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