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BSL Language Development

This bridging course is designed to expand  or recap your knowledge on linguistics in readiness for Level 6.


It is particularly useful for those who have completed Level 3 and have the BSL skills to progress onto Level 6 but need further development on linguistics. It is also useful for those who are native or fluent in BSL and are considering Level 6 but need to establish greater linguistic knowledge.


The course will also prepare you for studying at degree level, including writing essays. As the course is delivered in BSL, you will also receive feedback on receptive and productive BSL.


It is delivered by a highly qualified deaf teacher who will internally mark coursework and assessments.


Students will receive a certificate of attendance outlining the areas covered and an educational reference.


Wednesday 24th February 2021


Thursday 25th February 2021

both from 9:30 to 12pm

How long? 

12 weeks at every other week

(February to beginning of August) 


Remote learning via Zoom 

Between £595 - £395 

(fee is dependant on number of enrolments)

Instalment option will be available on a 6 month payment plan

What else do I need?

‘The Linguistics of British Sign Language: An Introduction' by Bencie Woll and Rachel Sutton-Spence’

Access to Sign World Intermediate/Advanced materials

(Required for Level 6 as well).

Enrol below! 

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